Bildungsurlaub Intensive Spanish Course 30 Lessons per week

Course description

Spanish World Institute is an approved Spanish language school for Bildungsurlaub “Educational Leave” courses.

What is is Bildungsurlaub Edutational Leave?

The “Bildungsurlaub” program in Germany allows you to take paid leave from work to participate in a state-recognized further education course. Anyone who is employed or in a de facto employment relationship can take advantage of this opportunity. 

Educational Leave is time off to undertake a course of full-time studies for a minimum of one week. 

Participants are entitled to five days of Bildungsurlaub per year, for two years, and ten days of Bildungsurlaub can be taken. 

The number of lessons is a minimum of 6 lessons per day.

Applications for this through Spanish World Institute would mean a full-time course to improve your Spanish language skills in all areas from speaking, writing, reading, and listening to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

German regions were approved within: Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

The spanish course can take place during working hours and with continued payment of the salary – It is a kind of additional leave, but for further education. This leave is usually one week long.

This right applies exclusively to courses that are recognized as Bildungsurlaub.