A total language learning experience at Spanish World Institute means much more than simply language instruction, it means enjoying the culture, history and social life.

Spanish World Institute provides an extensive program of leisure and cultural activities throughout the year. These varied and, while some are free, a small additional payment is required for certain events.

The school a range of afternoon and evening activities accompanied by staff members or Spanish teacher. Those can be pub nights, video evenings and parties, visits to theatres, concerts, restaurants, as well as other events such as festivals, sporting events and dance dubs. These encourage students to socialize in Spanish.

At SWI you will have a first-hand experience of our culture, and a great opportunity to make friends and practice Spanish in a real context.

Students will be provided with all the support they need to visit different tourist places in Colombia, we will be assisted in buying tickets, booking hotels and excursions, and renting cars. They will be also informed about the activities being hold in the different places of interest and when is the best time to visit them as well, as what they need to take into account before and while they are travelling.



Colombian landscapes!