The accommodation service is an essential component of our spanish school. We carefully select host families as well as other guest options. The accommodations options we offer are host families and guest houses.
Before arriving in Bogotá, each student receives a short description of the type of accommodation. If it is a host family it includes details of the various interests of the family members and information about the house and its location. We suggest that students complete all the accommodation arrangements several weeks before arriving.

Host Families

The students have the opportunity to live with Colombian host families, where they can not only practice the Spanish language in a real context but will also have the chance to taste the Colombian culture. Students can be provided with two meals per day (breakfast and dinner), or only breakfast. Meal times with the host family are valuable opportunities for students to practice Spanish.

Guest Houses

This type of self-catering accommodation involves sharing a house and amenities with other people. Some of the rooms are single but there is the possibility to share a room.

The philosophy of the house is that the habitants live together, cook together, do activities together, go out together, etc. Like this the students will get to know each other and will have a great time in Colombia.

All the rooms are furnished and have:

Bed + bed linen

Desk + chair

Night table

Closet Window + curtains

The students also share the following spaces:

The kitchen (fully equipped and with oven)

Dining room (with a large table for 10 people)

TV room (with a large sofa for 10 people) A study room (with 6 working places)

Washing room (with large washing machine and large dryer)

Terrace with BBQ Covered bicycle parking.


All students have an orientation meeting on arrival, when they are given the SWI’s Handbook, which contains a listing of services available through the School, as well as information about accommodation and all aspects of life in Bogota.
The Accommodation and Welfare Officer provides counseling and assistance and is always available for students to discuss any problems that may arise.

Airport Transfers

Spanish World Institute has its own transfer service for students arriving at Bogota airport (El Dorado). Students are welcomed by one of the School’s drivers who take them direcdy to their accommodation.