About School

Spanish Language School in Colombia that provides overseas students with Spanish learning training regardless their linguistic level. Student´s exchange and interaction are the main tools to learn the new language and get a taste of Colombian cuture.

The school aims to provide high quality and effective Spanish courses as a second language, instruction and a deeper understanding of the Colombian culture, through cross-cultural education, personalized attention and dynamic teaching methods in a professional and friendly enviroment.

The team is well prepared to offer students a high quality service and Spanish educational program. The teachers are very qualified and experienced.


Our Mission

We provide High quality Spanish courses in order to offer an optimum  preparation for people interested in learning Spanish as a second language.  We facilitate a greater  understanding among people of diverse cultural backgrounds and reveal the richness of South American culture, mainly Colombian.

We support continuous professional development of our teachers and administrative staff. We contribute to the Colombian community and maintaining a strong “social conscience” by providing students the opportunity to take up voluntary experiences in several areas.

Study Spanish in Colombia and discover its beautiful landscape.


Location and Facilities

The school located in chapinero Alto, a trendy area of the city close to touristic, cultural and business areas, homestay accomodation, hotels and apartments for rent, recreation facilities, parks and numerous shops and restaurants. It is also easily accesible by buses from any part of the city.

Come and enjoy a real spanish language immersion, and experience Colombia in a different way!


The Spanish school is located in Chapinero Alto, a great area with lots of bars and good restaurants. It is a nice neighbourhood with a beautiful residential part of Bogotá, Colombia. The school premises are in a Colonial house specially refurbished to provide a suitable academic environment without losing its originality and style. It counts with classrooms very pleasant, properly equipped, video facilities, computers with wireless internet access, a library, with its own self-study facilities where students may borrow books and a storage room where students may leave their luggage safely when they are travelling.


Our Teachers

The best way to learn a new language is being immersed in it and there´s nowhere better place than Spanish World Institute.

The school aims to provide an excellent quality of instruction in Spanish; therefore, we place the greatest emphasis on the quality of the teaching staff and the creation of an effective learning enviroment.

SWI employs college graduates with highly developed communication skills who will be actively interested in the progress of their students, the teachers ensure that the course works is relevant to the interests and goals of our students, using a wide range of techniques and materials to vary the pace and variety of the spanish classes.

Study Spanish in Colombia with native teachers will help you with your learning goals. Our language School provides overseas students with Spanish courses and Online Spanish Lessons learning training regardless their linguistic level. Student´s exchange and interaction are the main tools to learn spanish and get a taste of Colombian Culture.

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