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Study Spanish in Colombia in two
different locations, Bogotá and Cartagena.



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Learning a second language
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Every week, We organize
cultural/recreational activities .



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    Amazing learning Spanish and life experience, Spanish Courses for everyone

    It is time to start studying Spanish like you never have before. Write in Spanish, Read in Spanish, Listen, Sing and even Dream in Spanish!  It’s going to be intense, our methodology help students to learn fast!  

    Spanish World Institute a Unique experience!

    The school is located in Bogotá, It is a great city to visit and live, it has becoming one of Latin America’s most lively and popular cities. Full of history, culture, gastronomy, art, fashion, opportunities, and unique experiences. The city is bursting with events, there is always something happening in the city to visit and discover.

    Our Spanish Courses look for a deeper understanding of the Colombian culture, through cross-cultural education, personalized attention and dynamic teaching methods in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


    We know that you always want to choose a school with a great location in the city- nearby FUN!

    Our schools are in some of the most convenient locations in each of the cities.

    Why choose Spanish World Institute?

    1. Have the opportunity to study Spanish in Colombia in two different locations, Bogotá and Cartagena.
    2. In our Spanish school, you can keep going without losing your learning process since our Spanish courses are monitored and reviewed by our teachers.
    3. We help you to set your goals and give you constant advice in your learning process.
    4. Our Spanish courses are personalized, dynamic and designed according to the students’ linguistic needs.
    5. Our Online Spanish lessons can help you with any area of the Spanish language that you would like to improve.
    6. When you take a Spanish course with us. We ensure that your learning process will be in a dynamic, professional and especially friendly way.
    7. The Spanish lessons are based on 60 minutes.
    8. The Spanish Classes are a dynamic, multicultural mix of students of all ages from all over the world.
    9. We offer six different levels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C2), and D.E.L.E. exam preparation.
    10. Every week we organize 3 afternoons of cultural/recreational activities to help make your stay in Colombia an unforgettable experience.
    11. Offer weekly fun activities like cooking classes, salsa dancing, concerts, sightseeing tours, hiking, visiting museums, and dinner out.
    12. Before classes begin, students must take writing and oral level Spanish test that helps us assign students to the correct Spanish level course that matches their abilities.
    13. Group sizes are small, with an average of 3-4 students per classroom (maximum 6 students per class).
    14. The intensive courses are approved by the Bildungsurlaub. German Bildungsurlaub (an educational program for professional and political education offered by several German federal states to employees working in Germany).

    School Location

    The school is located in Bogotá in Chapinero Alto, one of the most convenient and trendy area of the city close to parks, tourist, cultural and business areas, homestay accommodation, hotels and apartments for rent, recreation facilities, there are numerous shops and restaurants.

    Learn with us Improve with us.

    Learn Spanish in Bogotá Colombia.

    Choose your spanish Course (15,20,30 hours per week), Spanish Course in Bogotá Colombia, Online Spanish lessons, Lessons One-to-One Tuition, DELE Exam Preparation, Bildungsurlaub Spanish Course.

    Practice and improve your Spanish language skills from beginner to advanced level with us.

    Choose which  spanish language skill you want to practice, then find your level, start a Spanish course in Bogotá Colombia.

    We ensure that  your  learning process will be  in a dynamic, professional and especially friendly way.


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