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Study Spanish in Colombia! Live the unique experience of learning Spanish in Colombia. Wide range of Spanish Courses to suit almost every need.

What our students say

  • Belinda Bentele,USA– May 2015 I am studying at Spanish World Institute since 5 months. My spanish could improve very fast at SWI, the courses are personal and there is the right course for everyone, doesnt depend your level, the teachers are well educated and extremly friendly. read more
  • Chris West,USA– August, 2015 The Spanish World Institute has been a fantastic experience for me. I had some travel spanish previously, but taking classes here has helped me improve my base of the language even during my short time here. Hopefully I will be able to return and spend more time learning more about the intricacies of Spanish. read more
  • Rob Bie,NZ– July, 2015 Muchos gracias Spanish World Institute! I have loved my time here in Bogota all thanks to this school. The classes are small and the teachers are very friendly - I felt comfortable to ask questions and speak in front of the class which improved my conversational Spanish so much. read more
  • Bryan Pu-Folkes,USA – 2014 I just completed the first of two weeks of Spanish language classes at SWI. My first week took place in Cartagena and so far my experience with the school, it's instructors and administration have been super! read more
  • Brittany Giroux Lane – USA - 2014 Classes at Spanish World Institute is a wonderful school - in a great neighborhood and a fascinating city. The teachers for the school are professional, well-prepared, positive, and supportive. My husband and I spent 9 weeks at the school read more
  • Michael Mason – England - 2014 I have been at the SWI for three weeks and had a great time. I started knowing very little Spanish but I have learnt a lot. Teachers were excellent and the lessons were organised and directed. I feel as though I can speak relatively confidently read more
  • Ellie B. Chow – July 2013 I feel really lucky that I found SWI! I studied at the school for 2 week and I enjoyed it so much! I spoke no Spanish at all before I arrived. The teachers here are so nice, knowlegeable and professional read more
  • Christina Meile – September 2013 Más que un mes pasado desde visitado el Spanish World Institute. Tuvimos poco tiempo, pero era muy interessante y educativo. Y las excursions me permanecerán en mi memoria! read more
  • Shannon Maraghy – August 2013 I had a wonderful experience at SWI. My grammar and speaking improved so much, thanks to my wonderful teachers. I love Bogota and really want to come back... Que chevere! read more
  • Andreas Herre – November 2013 Die Schule gefaellt mir sehr gut. Am ersten Tag wurde ich sehr herzlich aufgenommen und integriert. Trotzdem, dass ich Unterricht in der Gruppe gebucht hatte, dabei aber der einzigste mit Niveau A1-Anfaenger war, wurde ich nicht in eine hoehere Klasse eingeteilt, sonder erhielt Einzelunterricht... Ich war sehr zufrieden!!! read more
  • Lea Schlunegger – October 2013 Muchas gracias para la buena experiencia. SWI es una escuela en un barrio muy lindo con muchos cafes para charlar en los pausas ... pero tambien las horas de clases eran interessante. los profes son juvenes que tienen mucha energia y motivation read more
  • Agdev Singh Samra, India, 2012 Spanish World Institute is the best Spanish teaching centre in Bogota. In my 7 I have learned a lot. It has a very friendly environment, and very helping staff. I would highly recomend this institute. read more
  • Andreas Haueisen, Germany, 2012 Ein guter Ort um Spanisch zu lernen :-) Ausgebildete Lehrkraefte und ein familiaeres Ambiente liessen mich in den letzten sechs Wochen gerne in diese Schule gehen... read more
  • Paget Fulcher, United kingdom, 2012 In the last 16 weeks at SWI I have completely transformed my level of Spanish from relatively basic to advanced. The combination of knowledgeable teachers and tiny class sizes... read more
  • Marie Louise Hansen, Denmark, 2012 Jeg har nu gået på denne skole i en måned og har min sidste dag i morgen. Jeg har været enorm glad for at gå her og har lært en meget bare på en måned.... read more
  • Markus Widmer, Switzerland, 2012 Quando llege en bogota solamente sabia unas palabras en espanol. Estudie dos meses en el SWI y aprendi mucho. Ya puedo comunicar sin problemas con la gente en la calle... read more
  • Arjan van Harten, Holland, 2012 I have been living in Bogota for almost two year and never took the interest to study some Spanish. Needless to say that I had copied a lot of mistakes in my speech as well in my writing and thinking... read more
  • Edwige Takasi, Togo, 2012 Very good courses, a mix of theoretical courses, practice and games, with different teachers and different teaching styles. Perfect for intensive courses and for meeting other people. read more
  • Julianna Tan, Canada, 2012 I arrived in Bogota three weeks ago not knowing a word of Spanish and since then I have been studying at the Spanish World Institute. I can´t believe how much I have learned! It has been a great experience! read more
  • Inger Bride, Australia, 2012 Yo he tenido un tiempo muy bien en Spanish World Institute! Los profesores son muy simpáticos :) Vale la pena ir a todas las excursiones tambien, porque Bogotá tiene mucho para ofrecer... read more
  • Colin M, Edinburgh, 2011 I had taken some Spanish evening classes before, but SWI quickly figured out that although I technically knew a fair amount of stuff I needed lots of revision and practice... read more
  • Jos A, Norway, 2011 I´ve been attending SWI for the last 3 weeks. Their curricluam is structured and teachers are friendly. I`ve had good experience with this school. read more
  • Chase B, USA, 2011 I needed to put some finishing touches on an already pretty advanced level of Spanish. The personalized instruction I received through taking private lessons at the Institute helped... read more
  • Markus H, Finland, 2011 I stayed in SWI for 4 weeks, during which I took classes in Spanish and Salsa. I am very pleased with both.... read more
  • David Reid, 2009 I was very pleased with the facilities in the school, the classrooms and the location, but I was most impressed with the teaching staff: their professionalism and communication skills were first class... read more
  • David Dodds, 2008 My experience at the school in the primavera of 2008 was excellent beyond all expectations. The premises are pristine, professional and immaculate. The location is in Chapinero Alto which is... read more
  • Dustin, USA, 2008 Colombia is absolutely beautiful! I only saw a few places outside of Bogotà, but all of them were completely different in their beauty than the others... read more
  • Susie O’Keefe, Australia I found the classes to be quite intensive and at times have found it difficult to concentrate solidly for 5 hrs a day… especially as I struggle a great deal with conjugations! As a result... read more
  • Akiel Ghany, Trinidad & Tobago I took ninety hours of classes at the school and I am satisfied with the amount of material that I have covered in this time period. I took Spanish classes to prepare myself for a job I will be starting after I leave as well as to... read more
  • James Healy, London I have greatly enjoyed my time here and certainly hope to return soon; I will not hesitate to recommend Colombia as a travel destination to my friends. Bogotá is a thriving metropolis with... read more

Spanish School locations, Bogotá and Cartagena, Colombia.

Where would you like to study?

We are in Bogotá and Cartagena


We know that you always want to choose a school with a great location in the city- nearby FUN! Our schools are in some of the most convenient locations in each of the cities.

Check out the information below to help you choose the best option you are looking for. 

Why choose Spanish World Institute?

  • You have the opportunity to study Spanish in Colombia in two different locations which are Bogotá and Cartagena.
  • In our Spanish school you can keep going without losing your learning process due to our Spanish courses are monitored and reviewed by our teachers in both locations. We help you to set your goals and give you constant advice in your process.
  • Our Spanish courses in Colombia are personalized, dynamic and designed according to the students’ linguistic needs.
  • We offer 4 levels of teaching: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced, plus a DELE exam preparation.
  • We organize activities and excursion every week.
  • We provide lodging with Colombian families or in shared flats with locals as well as in small hotels and bed and breakfast, offering further opportunity to practice Spanish in a friendly environment.
  • Our intensive courses are approved by the German Bildungsurlaub (an educational program for professional and political education offered by several German federal states to employees working in Germany).
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SWI school is situated in Chapinero Alto,a beautiful residential part of Bogotá Colombia. It is located in a Colonial house specially refurbished to provide a suitable academic environment without losing its originality and style.

Spanish World Institute is close to tourist, cultural and business areas, homestay accommodation, hotels and apartments for rent, recreation facilities, parks and numerous shops and restaurants. The Spanish School is also easily accessible by buses from any part of the city.

Classrooms are pleasant and properly equipped. Spanish World Institute premises also has video facilities, computers with wireless internet access, a library, with its own self-study facilities where students may borrow books and a storage room where students may leave their luggage safely when they are travelling.






Cartagena is a beautiful city that guards the secrets of history in its walls. Our Spanish school in Cartagena is situated in the Historical Center of Getsemaní. It is located very close to the walled city, in front of Plaza del Pozo (Well Square). This is one of the most typical places in Cartagena de Indias, and has got a history that gets lost in the saved “times’ night”. This square is a peaceful place, and it has a colonial well, where the women of the neighborhood came to get water for their households. With the time the well did not have any water more and it was covered by the town authorities. 

There is also art in this square. Edgardo José Carmona Vergara, sculptor, works with iron and makes from it extraordinary pieces, that show the life in Cartagena and express the Caribbean way of living.

This area was very important for Cartagena to get its independence from Spanish domination, occurred on November 11th 1811, where free mulattos and black people had a main role. It is a hot spot, just a few steps of Plaza de la Trinidad (Trinity Square), where you find the known Beer House and also the modern  Juan Valdez Café at  Getsemani Conventions Center, just three blocks away from our school, where are held all kinds of international events and fairs.

Few steps away you find a beautiful bay view and enjoy a nice stroll early mornings or afternoons. There you can enjoy the magical Caribbean sunset.

Spanish World Institute premises has five classrooms which are pleasant and properly equipped; also one students’ room, two bathrooms, we also have our ball room for salsa classes, computer for the use of the students with wireless internet access, a library with its own self-study facilities, a TV room and a small terrace where the students can lie on a nice hammock for a nap after lessons or enjoy a nice sunny afternoon making a barbecue and tasting a cold beer.



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